Hyundai HYTR2650 Petrol Bent Shaft Grass Trimmer

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Hyundai HYTR2650 Petrol Bent Shaft Grass Trimmer

The Hyundai HYTR2650 grass trimmer is ideal for users requiring a powerful, light and easy to handle trimmer capable of dealing with grass growth in restricted or awkward access areas close to trees, buildings, fences, posts and walls.

Powered by a Hyundai 26cc two-stroke engine producing over 1hp, the trimmer has a bent shaft transmitting drive to the two-string nylon cutting head.


Model HYTR2650
Engine Output : 1.1hp / 0.75kW
Shaft : Split for storage and transportation
Cutting Width : 40cm / 15.75"
Cutting Head : 2 String nylon bump feed
Complete with : Shoulder Harness, Safety Goggles, Fuel Mixing Kit
Engine 26cc Hyundai 2-stroke ( recoil start )
Weight 5.1kg