Heavy Duty Double Dog Pen Cage Puppy Whelping Playpen Enclosure Run

  • €24900


Size Of Each Cage/Pen: Length 105cm - Width 70cm - Height 70cm.
An excellent way of providing your pet with a secure and safe environment while allowing them to have fun playing inside or outside

Easy to erect - no tools needed
Cage made up of 2 pens attached together separated by a door
Can be used to keep animals separate - inside door can be locked to separate the two halves

2 bolt sliding latches on each door for security

Warning and Notice
**IMPORTANT** Please do not use your cage for long periods of time until your pet is trained and feels comfortable. If your pet feels anxious or becomes agitated it may cause damage to the cage/pen or itself. The cage/pen is designed for your pet to be able to see clearly what is going on around it so it does not feel that the cage/pen is a 'lonely' place. This cage should never be used as a form of punishmen.