Heat Powered Fan 70-350°C, 4 Blades, for Fireplace/Wood Burning Stove

  • €4500
  • Save €1000

The heat powered fan is an useful accessory for your fireplace to enhance the distribution of heat. Especially in large rooms, it can take a long time for the heat to distribute evenly on all levles. The burning stove fan helps heating up the room fast and evenly by manipulating the heat flow with the rotating fan blades.

Since the ventilation fan is heat powered, it does not need any additional electricity, unlike most standard fans. This thermoelectric blower generates its own electricity by using the difference in temperature between the top side and lower side of the fan. The blades start rotating as soon as the temperature of the lower side reach 70°C. The fan can be used up to a surface temperature of 350°C. This is a special feature, since most common fans would melt under such high temperatures. In addition, this wood burner fan has a particular and pleasantly light air flow of 120 to 140 cfm. To monitor the temperature properly, we recommend you to use a fireside thermometer (not included in scope of delivery).

The rotation of the fan blades circulates the warm air and thereby increases the heat energy output. Because of the efficient distribution, the stove does not have to be fired as strongly, which leads to a reduced need of firewood. Our heat powered fan scores with its quick and efficient heat distribution, the eco-friendly saving of burning material and its simple handling without any additional components.



height incl. blades: 220 mm
width incl. blades: 210 mm
width of base: 90 mm


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