Hand Trainer Finger Exerciser 65kg Resistance Alumininum Handle

  • €1999

Do you want to train the muscles of your hands, fingers, and forearms, but you have but little space? Here is the ideal solution for your shortage of space problem: our hand trainer. Whether on the sofa, in the office, or during a walk, the finger exerciser can be transported without any problem and be used at any time. It lies comfortably in your hands thanks to the handles made of aluminium. The length of the handles of this hand trainer is 9.5 cm, their diameter is 18 mm. That is why the finger trainer is suitable for different age classes.

The handles are simply pressed together to have an efficient training. Thanks to the iron spring coil, the muscles must work against a 65 kg resistance. Overcoming this resistance means that a stimulus is applied to the muscles concerned, and this stimulus, at the end, leads to the muscles being built up. For the muscles can only grow with them being activated and stimuli being engendered and stressing them. Furthermore, the finger exerciser can also be used to work off stress, the excess of energy being diverted in this way.

Dimensions: Length of handle: 9.5 cm
Diameter of handle: 18 mm

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