Hand Push Yard Scrapers With Wheels

  • €53900

The Hand Push Yard Scraper is the ideal solution to cleaning out cubicle houses, collection yards or other unslatted areas where access with a tractor is restricted. The two large castors on the two sides make it easy to push the scraper as they reduce the friction on the ground when pushing. This means that the 4 wheels are doing the work without much resistance from the rubber as they prevent the sides from being pressed into the ground when pushing.

The is a lightweight, manually operated scraper for use instead of the tractor mounted scraper

Very useful where access is restricted or not possible for a tractor

Can be operated in either push/pull using quickly reversible side flaps enabling scraper to get right up against walls 

The handle can be adjusted to suit operator height

Two large castors on side blades to reduce ground friction thus making the scraper very easy to push

Hard wearing synthetic rubber blade that is easily replaced

Hot Dipped Galvanised finish for long life



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