Greenhouse Polythene Greenhouse 6m²

  • €22900
  • Save €10000

Garden with greenhouses regardless of the weather.
Plants can be challenging. Some flowers and vegetables need certain conditions to grow well. A bed in the open air or flower pots cannot always offer these conditions.
Greenhouses, foil greenhouses offer the plants a place protected from rain, wind and in some cases even from soil frost. So the sensitive plants are warm and you do not need to hope for the right weather and to fear failure.
You can also use the polytunnel well outside the time when your plants need a greenhouse: Simply place over the plants, protect them from hungry rabbits or the neighbouring cat.

Our polytunnel greenhouse has a UV protected and waterproof cover and a durable mesh all-edge design. Perfect for all seasons. Our gardening plant greenhouse w/cover uses hot-dip galvanised surface for our steel frame and avoid corrosion. Unlike permanently installed glass greenhouses, you can dismantle a foil greenhouse at any time and place it in another place. Our greenhouse with roll-up zip door and windows with mosquito net for easy access and the right ventilation. Our greenhouse with much more steel struts than conventional models (red marked).

3 x 2 x 2 (m) = 6 m².



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