Gray scratching post 170cm with cat houses, ladders & platforms

  • €1,00000

Bring variety into your cat's life with this gray scratching post. Because this 170 cm tall scratching post offers the house tiger all kinds of things: several places to sleep, different retreats to relax, different play activities and at the same time the perfect opportunity to sharpen your claws. This makes the scratching post perfect for households with several cats.

The 3 spacious viewing platforms give the cats a great overview. Above all, cats love elevated lying surfaces. From here you can see everything and feel really comfortable. The trunks are wrapped in hard-wearing sisal so that you can scratch properly. In addition, the scratching post has two footboards that the cats can use to pull themselves to the next level.

The 49 x 49 cm base plate provides the necessary stability. The 3 lying areas have a size of 29 x 29 cm and offer enough space for a nap. The variety of scratching opportunities around the tree ensures good claw care. A cover with extra soft fabric ensures animal cosiness. The gate opening of the cat houses is 17-20 cm, so the cats can easily fit into the burrows. Because the viewing platform can be pivoted, the scratching post has a variable width of 50 to 60 cm.

Dimensions: Total height: 170 cm
Depth: 50 - 60 cm
Variable width due to swiveling viewing platforms: 50 - 60 cm
Base plate: 49 x 49 cm
Sisal posts Ø 7 - 8 cm
Gate opening house: 17 - 20 cm

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