XL Wooden Rabbit Hutch Light Grey Outdoor Run and Pet House

  • €21900

This practical rabbit hutch is suitable for small to medium-sized animals and features two interconnected areas. This particular model combines a protected place to sleep and rest with an outdoor area to run around, graze and nibble on leafy greens. As the bunny house is located on the second level, the whole lower level can be used to run and play outside.

The rabbit hutch is made of high-quality wood and painted in two different shades of grey. The colour not only provides a modern look, but also protects the wood from weathering. Both the main house and the outdoor enclosure are equipped with galvanised steel mesh, which is weatherproof and withstands the teeth of small animals. To keep the hutch dry and warm, the roof is covered with water-repellent bitumen.

For good handling, the hutch is equipped with two doors, one at the pet house and one at the front of the enclosure. These doors make the whole hutch accessible from the outside. Thanks to the pull-out plastic tray underneath the pet house, it is super easy to clean the inside and keep it hygienic.

Note: Pygmy rabbits, for instance, are highly social animals and should be kept in groups of at least three. This group needs at least 6 square metres of floor space plus a separate sleeping house for each animal. We therefore ask you: We kindly ask you to always inform yourself about the species-appropriate requirements before acquiring the respective animal

Dimensions: 1510 x 528 x 1000 mm

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