Fudajo Pop-up Puppy Playpen in Beige for indoor and outdoor use

  • €4900

The Fudajo Beige Puppy Playpen is the ideal way to give puppies space to play and explore while having the peace of mind that little ones are housed in a protected area. The playpen has a diameter of 125 cm and due to the simple pop-up system, it can be set up in just a few steps and dismantled just as quickly. It is folded up to a compact size and can be transported in the carrying bag supplied to save space. Added to this is its low weight, so nothing stands in the way of taking it to the terrace, in the garden or on vacation. For this purpose, the freewheel was made of Oxford fabric so that it is waterproof and easy to clean.

So that the puppies can see their surroundings, the 64 cm high playpen has black mesh all around. The entrance is also equipped with this and also has a zipper. The puppies can now enter and exit the outdoor enclosure through this entrance when the zipper is unzipped and the netting is rolled up. There is also mesh at the top of the side panels, which creates a canopy when closed and prevents the side panels from jumping over. If the hood is opened, mistress and/or master can simply climb over the side elements and get to the puppies. In addition, the puppies can also be lifted directly into the enclosure if they do not want to go into the playpen on their own. The top is then closed again.

Dimensions: Diameter: 125cm
Height: 64cm

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