Grooming table, height-adjustable, rotating table, clipping table for dogs

  • €21900

Fudajo's rotating grooming table makes grooming small to medium-sized dogs easier. Because the round table top can be rotated by 180° and makes it possible to reach different parts of the animal's body without the four-legged friend having to move constantly. With a diameter of 600 mm, the non-slip table top offers space for different dog breeds, and thanks to its rubberized surface, standing is more comfortable for the four-legged friends. In addition, the working surface of the trimming table is waterproof, moisture-proof and easy to clean.

The basis of the trimming table is formed by two column segments that are inserted into one another, through which the height of the table can be infinitely adjusted in a range from 720 to 970 mm. The foot pedal, which is located at the bottom of the first column segment, is used very conveniently for this. In addition, the table has four heavy-duty castors with a locking mechanism so that it can be moved or stopped as you wish.

The trimming table is designed for a maximum static load of 30 kg and a dynamic load of 10 kg. The static load describes the maximum load capacity when the table is at rest. This means that before an animal enters the work surface, the height of the table is adjusted accordingly and only then is the animal placed on it. If the height is to be adjusted while a dog is on the work surface, this is a dynamic condition and the maximum load capacity of 10 kg should be observed.

The arm on which the loop is located can be adjusted in height from 565 to 980 mm so that the trimming table also fits perfectly to the respective four-legged friend. In addition, the size of the loop can be adjusted so that all furry friends, from Chihuahuas to medium-sized Spitz, can be secured.

Dimensions: Height of trimming table: 720-970 mm
Diameter of table: 600 mm
Column segments: 60 x 60 mm / 70 x 70 mm
Height of holding arm: 565-980 mm

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