Fudajo double bowl with stand height adjustable L dog feeding station

  • €3300

The Fudajo double bowl with stand makes it easier for big and old dogs when it comes to eating. Because the holder of the feeding station can be individually adjusted in height. In this way it is possible for the dog to eat or drink in a comfortable position. With conventional bowls that are placed on the floor, dogs often have to bend down, which affects the joints and intervertebral discs, especially in larger and old dogs.

In contrast, with this dog bar, it is possible to eat in an upright position. This also gives long-eared dog breeds the advantage that they dip their ears less into the bowl. In addition, the right height of the bowl reduces spills and drooling and also reduces the risk of choking. Due to the height adjustability of the frame, the feeding station is suitable for all ages from puppies to seniors.

The scope of delivery includes two feeding bowls made of stainless steel with a bowl volume of 1.5 liters. These are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The two bowls are simply inserted into the recesses of the feed stand and filled with your favorite food. Thanks to the H-shaped base, the feed bar is extremely stable, so that nothing falls over even when there is a rush of feed. In addition, there are rubber feet on all four corners of the stand, so that on the one hand the stability is increased and on the other hand the underground is protected from scratches.

Dimensions: Overall dimensions: approx. 40 x 28 x 46 cm (L x W x H)
bowls: Ø 19 cm x height 8 cm

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