Fudajo cooling mat for dog, cat etc. 81x96cm Self-cooling gel mat

  • €3900

Finally summer! But while we enjoy the warmth, many four-legged friends suffer from the summer heat. This is especially true for dogs, but also for cats and other pets as well as old and weakened animals. To prevent overheating and dehydration, it is important to give your loved ones a chance to cool down. With the Fudajo cooling mat, your pet can cool down its body temperature quickly and effectively.

The pet cooling mat is made of scratch-resistant oxford fabric with waterproof PVC layer. The fabric is very easy to clean. Simply wipe with a damp sponge. Note: The dog mat is durable, but not indestructible. Therefore, do not leave chewing and destructive dogs unattended and clip particularly sharp claws.

The interior of the self-cooling mat consists of soft foam with a gel core. The cooling gel is non-toxic and is activated by pressure, such as when an animal lies down on the mat. The cooling effect regulates the body temperature down by 3 to 4 degrees and lasts up to 3 hours. When the animal leaves the cold mat again, the gel filling needs about 15 minutes to regenerate. The great advantage of this ingenious system is that the gel mat can be used immediately without prior freezing or cooling with water or electricity.

The cooling ceiling can be used in many ways, e.g. B. as an insert in transport boxes and kennels. The cooling pad is also suitable as a sleeping mattress in the puppy bed or as a comfortable base on hard floors. In addition, the cooling pad is foldable and therefore particularly practical for on the go and when traveling in the car. Of course, the mat is not only suitable for the furry family members, but also for all two-legged friends, e.g. B. as a seat cushion.

The lying mat with the pleasant cooling effect is available in different sizes. When purchasing the Fudajo cooling mat, use the body size of your pet and the location as a guide.

Dimensions: 81x96 cm

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