Foldable pet stairs 6 steps dog stairs up to 68kg boarding aid

  • €10,00000

The pet steps make everyday life easier, since dogs can use them to enter the vehicle on their own. Because it is not always possible for every four-legged friend to get into a car without any problems. For example, puppies, very small and very large types of dogs, older, obese, injured, ill or recently operated dogs all experience difficulty or pain when jumping into a car. Dogs suffering from hip dysplasia are no longer able to climb a certain height difference on their own and the joints must be rested. The pet stairs allow a gentle and safe entry for all these animals.

In addition, the pet stairs are also a support for dog owners, since there is no need to laboriously lift them in or out and the clothes don't get dirty. Because especially after a walk in the forest, the four-legged friends are often full of dirt, which no longer lands on their mistress or master.

The pet stairs have six steps, five of which have a tread of 35 x 32.5 cm. The steps are 16.5 cm high, so the climb is not too steep. The top step measures 35 x 20 cm and, with the two handles attached to it, forms the transition from the stairs to the trunk. Overall, the dog stairs have a dimension of 99 x 86.36 cm (LxH) when unfolded. When the tool is not needed, it can be folded up to 35 x 43 x 18 cm and stowed away to save space.

The animal stairs are made of a sturdy aluminum frame, and the steps are a combination of non-slip PVC, comfortable oxford fabric and wood for stability. To avoid scratches on the car, the handles of the stairs are covered with foam (EVA). Due to the materials used, the pet stairs can withstand a maximum load of 68 kg.

Dimensions: Unfolded: 99 x 86.36 cm (LxH)
Folded: 35 x 43 x 18 cm
Top step: 35 x 20 cm (LxW)
Other steps: 35 x 32.5 x 16.5 cm (LxWxH)

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