Foldable Aluminium Trolley Kayak max. 68kg, PU Wheels & Nylon Belt

  • €9900

This compact transport trolley for kayaks, canoes and other small paddling boats makes transport to and from water rather easy. The trolley is made of a superior quality anodised aluminium construction with 20 mm tubes. The two big wheels made of PU (polyurethane) with a diameter of 26 cm (c. 10") each. Kayaks with a weight of up to 68 kg can easily be pushed or towed along.

The trolley can be folded and taken anywhere, also stowed away in a boot or on a boat. Mounting and demounting it goes rather quickly, as well. A big support can be unfolded which allows for the trolley to be stood securely whilst loading and unloading the vessel onto it.

Included in the delivery is a 25 mm wide nylon fastening belt, to ensure a secure positioning of the vessel on the trolley. Additionally, the aluminium frame is equipped with foam padding to protect the boats of any damages during transport.



Aluminium transport trolley
• Max. 68 kg weight load
• For kayaks, canoes & small paddling boats
• Foldable
• Incl. nylon fastening belt

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