Fireguard XL 300cm Steel Protective Grating Children Door Wall Mounts

  • €9900

Enjoy a cosy fire without having to worry about your kids or pets with this extra-big fireguard in a timeless design. For this grating is a perfect protection making certain zones child-proof. Thus, this children’s protective grating can be placed in front of a fireplace or at the upper or lower end of a stairwell. It can also be used as a barrier for the kitchen entrance or for a hedged play area. With an approximate total length of 300 cm and a height of 75 cm, the grating serves as spacious barrier for danger zones of different types.

The extra-large fireguard has a timeless design and integrates in virtually every interior style. It is equipped with an access door swivelling through 90° with a double lock at the upside and underside, that cannot be opened by a child. Each element of the protective grating has hinges on the side, thus offering many different and flexible ways of installation – according to your individual requirements. Furthermore, the grating can be assembled and disassembled quickly and effortlessly in a few movements.

The robust steel construction offers the grating particular stability. The rear elements are equipped with additional fixations with the help of which the grating can be fixed to a wall, giving it additional stability. When not in use, the grating can always be folded together and stowed away without any problem.

Dimensions: Size with item opened: 149 x 104 x 74 cm
Size of item folded together: 65 x 12 x 74 cm
Size of door: 57 x 74 cm (44 x 71 cm)
Size of individual elements: 57–64 x 74 cm

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