ErgoPro Hush Dual Head Clipper (Mains)

  • €27900

These highly durable dual head clippers are the latest in ergonomic design with non-slip polyamide finish, reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.

A very robust clipper that doesn't overheat like other brands, we have so many customers commenting at how surprised they are at how cool these clippers stay.

Now the one clippers can keep the cattle and sheep trimmed up and your horses and ponies clipped.

Built for prolonged use, These are very tough clippers, very durable and very fast and suitable for high volume work

Horse Head:

Excellent Horse Clippers, Quieter and Faster than many other models, Choice of blades , 1mm/ 3mm
Very handy show clipper for Pedigree Cattle professionals
Tidy up Freeze Brands 3mm Blade and/or Freeze brand prep with 1mm blade
Switch Heads (two screws) and your Cattle and Sheep clippers is ready to go

Clip backs and tails
Dag Sheep /Lambs, shear small flocks,
Model :ErgoPro KLP955
Motor Size :200W
Voltage :220 - 240V
Cutting Speed :2800 RPM
Weight :1.4 kgs
Decibel Rating :68 dB
Certification :ISO, CTA, CE
Warranty : 1Year Warranty, 7 Days Advance Replacement

Horse Head fitted with 1mm blade,
Cattle/Sheep Head fitted with Dagging Comb and Cutter
storage case
brush to clean air intake
oil bottle, spare motor brushes and head springs
5.7 m. cable

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