Ergonomic Posture Kneeling Office Chair

  • €13900
  • Save €6000

When using a kneeling chair, your hips slide forward. This is important as your weight gets evenly distributed and your neck, shoulders, and back are aligned. Therefore, there is less stress on your lower back and prevents spinal compression. With a kneeling chair, you have the options to adjust the height of the seat.


Size (Height x Width x Depth):
470 x 570 635 x 510 640 mm (W x D x H).
Colour: Black.
Weight: 7 kg.
Product Features:
Reduces stress on the lower back.
Encourage a healthy long-term retention.
Height adjustable for different users.
Sturdy and durable steel frame.
High quality, comfortable seat with foam padding.
For use at home or in the office.

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