Electric Garden Tiller 1500W 400rpm Cultivator Rotavator, 220mm Depth

  • €21900

This handy garden tiller with 1500 watts power output and an idle speed of up to 400 rpm, offers easy handling and has a high security-standard.

The blades measure 205 mm diameter and are arranged with 6x4 blades. The blades loosen the ground with a working depth of up to 220 mm and thus prepare the soil for seeds or can process organic fertilisers into the ground, such as humus, chaff and turf, for example.

The garden tiller can be handled very easy and enables a fast and less-strenuous processing of the soil in allotments, flowerbeds and vegetable patches. The tiller’s handles are shaped ergonomically and therefore allow for a secure hold, as well as longer working periods without pain and tiring of muscles. Additionally, the garden tiller is equipped with two stable wheels, allowing an easy manoeuvring of the tool. Even narrow gaps between hedges and bushes can be loosened up.

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