Dumbbell Set 2x500g Purple Nonskid Cementfilled Short Dumbbells

  • €1500

This dumb-bell set includes two purple-coloured short dumb-bells that marvellously complete your full body training. With both 500 g dumbbells, you can activate individual muscle groups, allowing a maximum training effect. Besides the muscle training, which is the principle thing, using the dumb-bells also incites the body to making very small compensation movements that keep it balanced. That is how the deep muscles are as well activated. Thus, not only are individual muscles strengthened, but also is the stability of the whole body increased.

Besides individual exercises, the dumbbell set can also complete other training units. Whether it be aerobic or gymnastics, the short dumb-bells allow you to vary the normal workout. It is by diversifying your training and the stress exerted onto your muscles that these are activated in a better and more extensive way. In this manner, training may pay off faster.

The dumbbells have a cement filling; their plastic coating makes for a good grip. In this way, the dumb-bells lie well in the hands in spite of all your exertive exercises and all the slippery sweat flowing like water.

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