Drainage Pump 1500W, 22800L/h, 20m Hose, Dirty Water, Cellar

  • €19900
  • Save €7000

This drainage pump is ideal for pumping waste or dirty water quickly and efficiently. The pump can be used for a variety of jobs, from cleaning your pool or emptying a flooded basement to pumping out your garden pond.

The powerful 1,500 watts pump can transport up to 22,800 litres of dirty water per hour. The maximum delivery height is 10 metres. The included water hose has a length of 20 metres. With a diameter of 50.8 mm it is also suitable for removing smaller foreign particles. The cast iron housing makes the pump stable and durable.

The drainage pump is equipped with a 10 m cord.


 230V / 50Hz
Flow rate ( l/h ): 22800 Liter

: 10 m
: 1500W
Max. temperature: 35 °C
Min. temperature: 1 °C
Protection class: IP 68
Pumpenanschluss Ø / Zoll: 59,25 mm (G2)
Schlauch: Kupplung: Knaggen-, Klauenabstand (innen): 66 mm

max. Fördermenge: 22800 l/h

Drainage pump for waste and dirty water
• For emptying flooded basements, ponds, pools etc
• Maximum delivery rate of 22,800 litres per hour
• Maximum pumping head of 10 metres
• 20 m water hose with a diameter of 50.8 mm




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