Dog rocker 180x30x30cm for small & large dogs for agility training

  • €6900

This dog rocker is the ideal equipment for a more pronounced sense of balance and better dexterity in your four-legged friend. Because the seesaw is ideal for getting started with agility dog ​​sports and its numerous advantages.

The dog rocker not only provides variety and activity, but it also trains the condition of the four-legged friend. After all, the dog will run up and down the incline of the seesaw several times during training. In addition, tricks can be installed. For example, the dog can stand in the middle of the seesaw and try to keep the seesaw level. This requires feeling and balance.

The dog rocker is made of fir wood, impresses with its durability and is also easy to care for. Thanks to the glaze, the seesaw can also withstand the weather and can be used outdoors without any problems. Thanks to the non-slip coated surface, it can also be used without hesitation in damp weather conditions, as it gives the paws enough support.

The well thought-out design makes the training see-saw easy to set up and very easy to transport. It is suitable for small and large dogs and can be loaded with a maximum of 50 kg.

Dimensions: 1800x300x300mm

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