Dog ramp animal ramp car foldable aluminum non-slip 122x38cm 115kg

  • €12900

Aluminum car ramps are particularly popular with many dog ​​owners because they have special and beneficial properties.

Aluminum is a light yet strong material that is easy to clean and looks good too. If you need a relatively large dog ramp, the properties of aluminum really pay off.

Due to the size of such dog ramps, the weight increases. With an aluminum dog ramp, however, even this weight is bearable. This car dog ramp is easy to fold (folded dimensions: 620 x 400 x 125 mm) and, with a net weight of only 4.2 kg, can be easily carried and stowed away to save space. It is also characterized by a non-slip surface (coating made of sandpaper).

Dog ramps are used for very different reasons: They are suitable, for example, for puppies, for small and large, older and obese, injured, sick (e.g. suffering from hip dysplasia) or recently operated dogs. They are no longer able to overcome a certain difference in altitude on their own. The joints must be protected. A dog ramp enables these animals to enter gently and safely. And for the dog owner, a dog ramp means: no more laborious lifting in or out and no more dirty clothes.

Dimensions: Dimensions : 1240 x 400 x 50 mm.
Dimensions (folded) : 620 x 400 x 125 mm

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