Dog blanket 165x135cm car protective cover waterproof animal mat car mat

  • €3500

This robust, PVC-coated trunk cover made of Oxford fabric reliably protects your vehicle from dirt from dog hair, leaves and mud and at the same time offers your four-legged friend a comfortable lying surface. In order to avoid scratches on the bumper when the dog gets in, the extension included in the scope of delivery can be attached quickly and easily thanks to a Velcro fastener and removed just as quickly.

In addition to protecting the boot, this dog blanket also has smaller compartments that are ideal for storing items such as gloves, small flashlights or towels. The two straps enable quick and easy attachment to the headrests on the back seat and ensure that the cover does not slip while driving due to your loved one's movement. It doesn't matter whether it's a station wagon, SUV or MPV: due to its size, this protective car cover is compatible with most vehicle types and can therefore be used in a variety of ways.

Thanks to the PVC coating on the surface, the blanket is scratch-resistant, water-repellent, easy to care for and can simply be washed with a damp cloth.

Dimensions: Blanket: 165 x 135 cm
Extension: 79 x 48 cm

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