Costomer control system barrier strips set of 2

  • €14500
  • Save €4400

This crowd control system "Airport" stands out from the crowd with its good looks and high level of flexibility.

The barrier stands are made from stainless steel. pull-out barrier bands are integrated into these. Any number of barrier stands you wish may be lined up together.

As every stand has 90 degree attachment points for the bands, and a very heavy base, there is no problem setting up connections round corners. The base is made from a special material which protects the floor without scratches.

All parts are made from non-rusting stainless steel, which means they can be used outdoors without any problem.

Highlight 1: unit consisting of 1 barrier including a pull-out barrier band
Highlight 2: 4-way-connectivity with 3x attachment option at a 90 degree angle
Highlight 3: polished stainless steel, can be used outside
Highlight 4: strong reliable chrome plated base
Highlight 5: "on the corner"-connections easily possible
Highlight 6: high quality crafted textile strap in red
Highlight 7: infinitely expandable

Technical data:

Total height: 91 cm
Diameter tube: 62 mm
Diameter base: 32 cm
Band length: up to 190 cm pull out
Base plate weight: approx. 6.5 kg
Total weight: approx. 7 kg
Material: polished stainless steel
Delivery: 2x main unit 1x operating manual

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