Copper hammer soldering iron for soft soldering on gutters, sheet metal and zinc

  • €1,00000

With this hammer soldering iron you get a powerful tool that has a high-quality copper iron. It is the ideal tool for soldering copper and galvanized steel sheets with a maximum thickness of 1 mm, as well as fine zinc. The tool is also ideal for soft soldering on gutters and for soldering with alloyed zinc in the roofing area.

Since the iron is made of copper, the device differs from conventional soldering irons. Because copper offers higher thermal conductivity and has a melting temperature of over 1,000°C, which means that particularly high temperatures can be reached. The tool also owes its name to the piston, since its soldering tip is hatchet-shaped and thus resembles a hammer. This copper hammer is encased in a metal head that acts as a windshield. If necessary, the piston can be removed by loosening a screw and the tool can be used like a conventional soldering torch.

The handle is comfortably coated for good handling. The soldering iron has a stand so that you can put the device down. This can be expanded or collapsed as required. The hammer soldering iron is equipped with a 3/8" safety connection and is operated with gas (propane LPG).

A pressure reducer is always required for a safe connection to a standard gas bottle (this is not included in the scope of delivery). An adapter with the following dimensions is required: 20 mm BSPP 1/2" male thread left, 13.16 mm BSPP 1/4"x19 female thread left (this is not included in the scope of delivery).

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