Complete set ..SOLAR Dog Fence kit 80cm includes posts,Wire,Insulators etc etc

  • €29900

Do you need to keep your own dog in and other dogs out of your garden or flowerbed? A pet electric fence is an ideal solution - safe, economical and easy to use. A pet electric fence is effective and very safe. A short, gentle pulse is used which prompts a fright response but does not harm the animal. The dog quickly develops a respect for the fence and learns to avoid it.

Keeping dogs in your garden
Unfortunately, there are people who suffer from unwanted visits from dogs in their garden. These dogs can cause a nuisance. It is difficult to keep dogs out of your garden. A fence or hedge usually does not offer sufficient protection. Gallagher offers various solutions to keep dogs out and save you the inconvenience they cause. The starter kit contains the most important components for an electric fence against nuisance from dogs in your garden or flower beds.



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