Dog Bicycle Trailer with Fly Screen and Rain Protection, Black & Red

  • €18500
  • Save €6400

This black and red bicycle trailer for dogs provides more variety on daily walks with your dog. Combine the trailer with your bike and go on adventures together. This allows you to travel longer distances and to let your dog run in areas you consider suitable for it.

Especially for younger, older and weaker animals, the trailer is a way of having your beloved pets with you and allow them to experience more than their standard route. But also dogs, which are more active, but would like a break every now and then, or when going on holiday, can use this bike trailer ideally.

Your dog can access the bicycle trailer via the front or back entrance. There is a reinforced floor covering, which is slide-proof and water-repellent. The entrances are equipped with a net, protecting your animal from flies and insects. Additionally, the entrance facing the bicycle has a rain protection, which can be closed when required. On both sides of the trailer there are also nets, providing a good air flow and allowing the dog to see its surroundings. To ensure the pet staying dry, the used fabric is water-repellent as well.

The stable construction is equipped pneumatic tyres, making it less strenuous to ride the bike and making it a smoother ride for the dog. The security measures are enforced by the safety coupling. The coupling enables the trailer to stop immediately, in case the bike should fall over. Thus the entire trailer is protected from falls. Additionally, there are reflectors at the front and back of the bicycle trailer, for an improved visibility.

Note: The bicycle not included in the delivery – application example.


• Size 78 x 70 x 90 cm (130 cm with drawbar)
• Max. load 40 kg
• Reflectors on front and back
• Pneumatic tyres with quick release
• Fabric water-repellent


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