Chicken Coop with Nesting Box, Red-Brown painted Wood 136x74x70cm

  • €28900

This practical chicken coop has one nesting box attached on the side, providing a closed off area for rest and sleep. The overall size of the coop is a spacious 136 x 74 x 70 cm and can be perfectly combined with an open enclosure.

The house is equipped with an openable door. When opened the door can be used as a ramp to grant access to the outside area or let the chickens back into the coop. Below the coop there is a galvanised tray that can be pulled out, making cleaning easier.

The coop and the nesting box are roofed and have a paper tar coating. Therefore the stable stays dry and warm, keeping the chickens protected. The coop is made of high-quality wood and painted in a red-brown colour. The colour not only provides a modern look, but also protects the wood from weathering.



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