Chicken coop & run hen house flexible free run layout

  • €45000

This beautiful cottage-styled chicken coop with a spacious hideaway and run area is ideal for chicken breeding. At the same time, its great looks will definitely complement every garden landscape.

This model has a special feature: its run area layout is flexible. With little effort the single panels are fastened with hinges behind or on either side of the coop. So it can be easily modified to meet individual space requirements.

The brown glazed wooden construction provides a shelter with a built-in nest box which is accessible via a non-slip ramp. The roof is also made of wood and covered with weather-resistant asphalt felt material. The run area is enclosed with small-meshed stainless wire. It is well-ventilated and predator proof.

The open bottom provides a direct access to grass pasture. The poultry can freely move around, scratching and pecking in the ground.

The coop is also suitable for guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and alike.


2295 x 1280 x 1170

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