Cat Tree 170cm Grey Scratching Post Climbing Tree Activity Centre

  • €12900
  • Save €3000

This 170 cm tall cat tree carries an appealing shade of grey and offers multiple resting places as well as possibilities to retreat while at the same time being capable of keeping your cats occupied and aiding them in wearing their claws down. Due to its size and the combination of multiple platforms and caves, this cat tree is perfectly suited for households with numerous cats.

The 3 large viewing platforms located at the top of the cat tree can comfortably accommodate even larger cats due to their size of 29 x 29 cm and allow them to observe their surroundings from a height of approximately 170 cm, granting them the comfort of elevated space they love. The platforms being rotatable affects the width of the cat tree, which might vary from 50 to 60 cm depending on the position of the platforms. The 2 caves are easily accessible due to their large openings, with an approximate height of 20 cm, and offer a sheltered retreat for your beloved pets that allows them to relax.

The cat tree's poles are wrapped in durable, sisal, whose colour does not only grant an appealing contrast to the scratching post, but also ensures that the cats can scratch and climb to their heart's content while the base plate with a size of 49 x49 cm grants the stability necessary to allow the cats to enjoy the cat tree without any risk.



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