Cat house, litter house, rodent house, small animal house, animal stable, rodent stable

  • €1,00000

This practical stable can be used in many ways. For example, it can be used as a cat house and offers the house tiger a place to lie that protects it from the blazing sun and rain. If the stall is covered with a soft blanket, the cat has found its new favorite place to sleep. In addition, the house can be used as an additional place to sleep or as a bad-weather shelter in the outdoor enclosure for hares, rabbits and guinea pigs. With some hay and straw, the rodents feel right at home.

The stable has a small ramp so that the sleeping place can be reached easily. If the house is to be made inaccessible to animals and closed, the ramp can be folded up and fixed. The hinged roof ensures easy handling and cleaning. This means that the inside of the stable can be reached at any time. The wooden roof is insulated with bitumen for good protection against rain.

Note: The barn is not designed for the permanent accommodation of animals, but an additional sleeping place or shelter. Before purchasing the respective animal, please inform yourself about its species-appropriate husbandry conditions and comply with them.

Dimensions: 420x515x430mm

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