Cardio Muscles Cross Trainer, Pulse/Calories/Time/Distance Meas

  • €22900

You do not need much any more for the optimal combination of cardio and muscle training – this cross trainer is wholly sufficient. Thus you will be able to train at any time and independently of the weather outdoors in the very privacy of your home. The times of having to share gym equipment are now gone. Instead, with this cross trainer, you will have your own fitness equipment at home and will be able to do movement sequences like Nordic walking. Thus you will train large muscle groups such as legs, bottom and arms, which also strengthens other areas such as shoulders, back and belly.

In order to keep track of the training, the training computer measures the distance covered, the time required and the calories consumed. The central handles are eqipped with hand pulse sensors, with which the pulse can be measured during training. The maximum user weight is 100 kg.

While the usual cross trainers allow for forward and backward movements, this training device also offers sideways movements. Thus the abductors and adductors of the thighs (outer and inner sides) can be effectively trained. These muscle groups are very important in stabilizing the hips and in general in various movements such as running or walking. Regular exercise of the abductors and adductors strengthens them, making it easier to maintain the correct pelvic position. This ultimately leads to the avoidance of improper strain on the lower back and knees.

This cross trainer also strengthens the heart and circulation. For the targeted endurance training causes the heart to beat more often and has to pump more blood into the heart muscle and the body. This means that the combination of condition and muscle exercises on the cross trainer is ideal for your own fitness and health.


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