Camping Washing Machine for 3.5kg Laundry & Delicates with Spin-dryer

  • €22900

This camping washing machine is the ideal companion for camping trips as it provides you with clean laundry even though you are away from home. With a small frame, a low weight of only 13.5 kg and being equipped with two, laterally mounted handles, this mini washing machine can be transported easily and therefore be utilised flexibly.

The small, versatile device offers a variety of washing programmes and is equipped with a pump as well as a timer. The washing programmes thereby include 3 variations of normal washing cycles, 1 for delicate fabrics and even a spinning function with a power of 250 watts. The integrated timer allows for the spinning cycle to be set to a duration of up to 5 minutes while the washing cycles can be set to a maximum duration of 15 minutes. The temperature of the wash load depends on the water which is filled into the washing machine, as the washing machine itself does not heat the water.

The washing drum is large enough of to contain 3.5 kg of dry laundry and got a spinning speed of 270 rotations per minute, if loaded with no more than 2 kg of laundry. The machine further offers 2 water connections as well as a pre-installed waste water hose. Even if there is not enough space inside the caravan, this camping washing machine can easily and quickly be installed in any place with the necessary connections.

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