Boat Roller Loading Aid with Suctions Cups Kajak Canoe

  • €10,00000

With this practical boat roller you can maneuver your sailboat, canoe or kayak on your car roof easily and single-handedly.

The installation is very simple: just attach the suction cups to the rear window of your car and the wheels easily help you push your boat onto the vehicle roof. Afterwards, the roller can be easily removed from the window. Before you leave, the boat roller must be removed and should not be used as a carrier for the transport of a kayak or similar. The boat roller is only a loading aid and may only be used before the start of the journey.

It is safe and easy to use. The retaining clips are not only easy to adjust to the required size, but also suitable for all vehicle types and easily attachable to curved windows.
The roller is made of sturdy aluminum, which allows it to hold up to 100 kg. The soft foam pads protect your boat against scratches.

Dimensions: Distance between suction cups: 700 mm ( outside / outside) Ø suction cups: 120 mm

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