Bluetooth Earbuds Earphones Cordless Bluetooth 5.0

  • €2399

Do you often listen to music while going by bus, doing sports, washing up, or working in the garden? In that case, you will love these earphones equipped with Bluetooth version 5.0 and thus combinable with most devices enabled with Bluetooth. Thanks to their ergonomic design, the earbuds have a good seat inside your ear and offer comfortable stereo sound quality. If they are completely charged, you will be able to listen to 210 minutes of music or to phone during 150 minutes via the hands-free feature. In stand-by mode, one charging even lasts for 75 hours.

The charging station included in the scope of delivery allows a fourfold complete charging of the earphones; thus, they will stay fully functional even during a journey. Furthermore, the station can be re-charged via a cable. The capacity of the battery of the earbuds is 40 mAh, the capacity of the charging stations is 400 mAh.

The earbuds are compatible with the speech assistants Siri and Google and have a useful answering feature. Due to the cordless use, the earphones can be used during sports, learning, or housework without the risk of cable spaghetti. The maximum transfer distance is 10 metres.

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