Bamboo Bathroom Shelf with 3 Drawers Laundry Hamper

  • €8900

This bathroom shelf with three drawers can be used in many ways. On the one hand, it is the ideal laundry basket, as the clothes can be properly sorted into the drawers. For example, while one drawer is used for white laundry, the other drawers could be used for coloured and delicate laundry. On the other hand, the shelving unit is perfect for storing toiletries, cosmetics, baby necessities and towels. But this is not just a bathroom shelf. The shelf with the dimensions 44 x 33 x 96 cm is equally suitable for the office, bedroom or pantry.

The rack is made of bamboo and the drawers are made of polyester fabric. On each of the three shelves there are grooves into which the edges of the drawers can be inserted. In this way, the drawers can be easily opened and closed again. The upper part of the shelving unit features a shelf that offers enough space for folded clothes, magazines, towels and decorative items.

Dimensions: 44 x 33 x 96 cm

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