Axe set 3 pieces. Splitting Axe and Splitting Hammer, Light Weight and Non-Slip Handle

  • €6900


Whether in the garden, in agriculture and forestry or on the construction site: with this practical set of 3 consisting of a split hatchet, a split axe and a gap hammer, you are perfectly equipped for all kinds of woodwork. The axes feature a sharp blade made of drop-forged carbon steel with a hardness of 40-50 HRC. The low weight and optimal weight distribution between the axe head and handle also allow for safe and comfortable use, thus achieving effective and particularly precise work results.

The 360 mm splitting hatchet ensures optimal splitting results with low effort, thanks to its low weight and the wedge-shaped head shape. The 710 mm gap axis is ideal for splitting firewood and larger pieces of wood with minimal effort. With the help of the 910 mm gap hammer, even large pieces of wood and natural stone can be easily processed.

Besides their easy handling and low weight, the axes convince with a high level of safety. The rubberised stems with fiberglass core ensure a secure grip and a non-slip grip for both hands during use. In addition, the axes are equipped with a special rubber protective lip that protects both the blade and the user. Thanks to the integrated eyelets at the end of the handle, the axes can also be hung up to save space. 

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