Automatic Breeding Machine 8 Eggs incubator brooder

  • €6900

Ideal incubator for small hatch sizes.

Electronic control enables a very precise setting of the target temperature between 25-39.5 ° C.

With proper and careful handling of the egg incubator, you can achieve a perfect brooding and a high hatching rate of healthy chicks.

Designed for maximum 8 eggs, perfect for incubating chicken eggs, duck eggs or reptile eggs.

Please note the size and the respective gross temperatures.

The automatic hatcher regulates the desired target temperature for your brood.

During the incubation period, the incubator regulates processes such as the incubation time, the temperature and an alarm (LED).

The processes are automatically regulated and carried out.

• automatic temperature control
• LED temperature display
• Heating phases display via LED
• Water troughs for humidity regulation
• Built-in fan provides air circulation


265 x 265 x 260 mm

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