Artificial Christmas Tree 150cm 180cm or 240cm with Christmas Tree Stand

  • €9900
  • Save €10000

Made from flame-retardant materials, which melt under the influence of extremely high temperatures. Three connected strips of film are twisted together with a wire.

Convenient installation:
Set up in minutes thanks to the folding / umbrella system, after the branches have been installed, the tips open automatically (the leaves and the top section would have to be opened manually).

Environmental protection and cheap:
you can use it again every year! Experience shows that our artificial Christmas trees can last for up to 15 years.

Children can also use it safely:
There are no points or sharp points, no plasticizers, the needles are made from flame retardant materials, because our Christmas tree is 100% fireproof, it is available indoors and without any safety risk.

Height including stand: -240cm
Metal stand: approx. 35 - 35cm
Diameter: approx. 72 - 133cm
Number of tips: 279 - 1168
Material: PVC and plastic

Package contents:
1 x Christmas tree
1 x stand
1 x gloves
1 x user manual
3 x screws