Arc Welder TIG Torch HF-ignition 180 amp TIG inverter Welding machine

  • €34900

This compact welding machine is ideal for mobile use. This multi-purpose device is suitable for both electrode welding and TIG welding with a shielding gas.

It is durable and easy to use for beginners and professionals alike. It has a high-performance HF ignition and the continuously adjustable welding current in a range from 10 to 180 A to suit your needs. The built-in overheating protection ensures safe working.


1 x welder (180 A, 230 Volt)
1 x TIG torch (cable length: 4 m)
1 x electrode holder (cable length: 2 m)
1 x earth clamp (cable length: 1.5 m)
1 x welding shield
1 x hammer and slag brush
Dimensions: 465 x 255 x 330 mm
Eingangsspannung: 230V ~ 50Hz
Protection class: IP21S

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