Airless Paint Sprayer 207 bar with Nozzle and Extension Pole

  • €29900

Airless paint sprayer is the ideal device for painting large surfaces with ease. Thanks to the powerful 1010 watt motor, the sprayer achieves a spraying pressure of 207 bar. With its paint flow rate of 1.5 litres per minute, the airless sprayer applies constant and even spray patterns to any surface (flat or uneven). This is a major advantage of the sprayer compared to conventional paint brushes and paint rollers. Another advantage is that it is less time-consuming. Since the paint is applied evenly and consistently, the job is done in less time than with usual brushes.

No matter which objects you wish to paint, with our high-pressure paint sprayer, both professionals and beginners are efficient painters. The airless sprayer can be used for applying the first coat, for renovating and for repainting ceilings and interior walls. Thanks to the compact design, its low weight and the carrying handle, the sprayer can be easily transported to any place. Its U-shaped stand provides extra stability.

The paint spraying system stands out due to its easy handling, which leads to an improved workflow. The delivery includes a 10 m paint hose, a 515 nozzle (0.38 mm) as well as a 45 cm extension pole, which allows you to work in a healthy posture while painting high walls and floors.