Adjustable Hydraulic Grooming Table for Pets 60 kg Scratch Resistant

  • €44900

Grooming your pet was never as easy as it is with this grooming table. Thanks to its easy assembling and disassembling system, you can easily use it at home or outside and can store it when its not in use.

The scratch and slip resistant countertop surface doesn't only grant your pet a secure stand but is also water resistant and very easy to clean due to its antistatic. Thje countertop size is 107 x 61 cm so your pet has enough room to stand on. Additionally, the table can be freely adjusted in height between 55 and 92 cm with a hydraulic system so it can be individually customized for the size of any pet.

The sturdy steel construction with 4 pillars provide stability so the table can easily carry up to 60 kg. The table also features a grooming holder with a bracket and safety belt for safe treatment.

Height adjustable
• Easy to clean
• Effortless assembly and disassembly
• Loading capacity up to 60 kg
• Water resistant rubber surface


Max Load Capacity 60 kg
Dimensions 107 x 61 x 57-94 cm
Material Rubber & Steel
Usage / Information / Features With high quality oil hydraulic pump
Water resistant
Easy to clean

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