A1 A-Board Wind Resistant Pavement Sign Poster Stand Double Sided

  • €1,00000

The large, double-sided poster stand with base tank provides the optimal space for your advertising.
Because of its stable construction, it can even withstand winds. Two transparent sheets protect your posters against poor weather and dirt.
The robust base can be filled with various materials (e.g. sand or water), thereby increasing the stability of the poster stand.
The stand can easily be moved thanks to two laterally mounted rollers.
Your posters are held in place via clips on four sides.

suitable for DIN A1 posters
usable on both sides
includes two transparent sheets that protect your posters from poor weather and dirt
rounded corners reduce the chance of injury
can be used both inside and outside
high-quality aluminium frame (water repellent, washable)
robust plastic base can be filled with various materials
click system for easy insertion and removal of your posters
a large base tank and two springs provide high stability
two laterally mounted rollers for easy transport

Technical details:
Total dimensions: approx. 113.5 cm × 79 cm × 50 cm (H × W × D)
Visible dimensions: approx. 83.5 cm × 58 cm (H × W)
Weight: approx. 12.4 kg

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