6x8m tent hall, PVC tarpaulin, gray for concrete base

  • €2,39900

This tent hall is the entry level class into the tent category category. It offers solid basic equipment and can be used all year round. The fully galvanised steel construction with a fixing base frame and reinforced steel elements in the roof withstand wind and weather. For more stability, all legs are double bolted together and attached to extra large foot plates on the surface.

The high-quality, approx. 550 g/m² heavy PVC tarpaulin is similar to a truck tarpaulin. The integrated grid inner fabric makes the PVC tarpaulin extremely durable and highly tear-resistant. The PVC tarpaulin is characterised by a high weather and UV resistance and is therefore extremely durable. With a temperature resistance of +50 to -20 °C and a high UV protection of 80 +, the PVC tarpaulin proves to be extremely reliable protection at any time of year. The shiny smooth look is very easy to clean and can be easily cleaned. Goods and goods are protected from wind and weather all year round.

The roof and side tarpaulin consists of one piece and ensures greater stability. Thanks to an integrated clamping system, the tent tarpaulin is aligned and tensioned. A later adjustment of the tarpaulin is also possible without any problems. The storage tent is ideal as a storage or work surface and thus offers a cost-effective alternative to solid structures.

Storage tent.


All steel tubes are fully galvanised, unlike a powder coated steel finish and thus offer hardly any surface for corrosion.

Steel tube connector approx. : Diameter 54 mm, wall thickness 1.7 mm, fully galvanised steel tubes approx. : Diameter 50 mm, wall thickness 1.6 mm, zinc alloy protects steel pipes from the inside and outside impact and scratch resistant.

Storage tent.

Solid steel frame.

Storage tent.

Secure connection


Higher load capacity.

Tent hall.

Secures and fixes.

Storage tent.

Roof tarpaulin.

The waterproof PVC roof tarpaulin is characterised by a high weather and UV resistance and is therefore extremely durable.

All seams are welded and not sewn. Water penetration is impossible. Especially Velcro roofs are not waterproof. We offer a 100% waterproof roof and not just one made of waterproof material.

Storage tent.

100% waterproof.

Industrial tent.

Higher stability.

Tent hall.

Extra weather protection.

Storage tents.

Double zip blind.



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