46 Stacking Boxes, Wall Shelf, Plastic, 231.6 x 78 cm Tool Holder

  • €19900

Our universal wall shelf with various stacking boxes ensures tidiness and provides an overview in many areas.

Whether in the workshop, garage or hobby room, your small items are always conveniently organised and protected from dust.
Can be simply mounted to a wall in any possible location in the company building, warehouse or at home. The possibility of constant expansion is another advantage of our wall shelf system.

The boxes are removable and can be inscribed thanks to the practical label compartment, allowing you to easily maintain an overview of your stock.

The wall plates have a perforated wall system. This means that tools can also be attached with appropriate brackets from our range.
A must-have for any craftsmen, hobby crafters or collectors.


  • Overall dimensions: 231.6 x 78 cm. Material: Plastic / stacking boxes: Without lid, 28 pieces, 80 x 115 x 60 mm, blue + without lid, 18 pieces, 120 x 195 x 90 mm, blue / wall plates: 8 pieces. 579 x 390 mm
  • Blue tool carrier: 4 x spanner bracket, 8 x clamping strips, 16 x tool hooks M small, 16 x tool hooks XXL large, 32 x tool clamps.2 x drill and bit holder 190 x 111 x 32 mm / 2 x screwdriver holder 180 x 111 x 32 mm2 x universal tool holders M 384 x 111 x 50 mm.
  • The basic principle of the workshop shelves consists of the assembly of wall plates, stacking boxes and tool holders. Mounting rails are incorporated into the plate. They allow you to quickly hang the boxes and brackets. The plates can be individually adjusted. They are attached directly to the wall with screws
  • Stacking boxes can be used anywhere on the shelf or as a wall shelf. The empty ones can be joined together. The boxes are UV-resistant, frost-resistant, food safe, impact-resistant, lightweight and stable. The boxes have a hook system on the back panel that allows them to be hung on supports. Plastic boxes should only be loaded according to their size
  • The large number of tool holders allows you to attach almost all types of hand tools, allowing the size and weight to be adjusted to the respective handle. It is attached to the wall plate with hooks on the back. You can arrange the sections as you wish. You can choose from key boxes, clamping strips, tool hooks, drills and bit holders, screwdriver holders, tool holders and tool shelves. Now also available in red and blue


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