3x4m or 3m x 3m Pergola in Anthracite; with Awning in Stone Colour

  • €85900

Let the free-standing classic pergola become your new, cozy summer meeting place in the garden! The sun sail roof can be easily opened using a practical strap, so that you can benefit from a shady spot in no time. If you want to enjoy the sun, simply push the sail into its parking position - here it is effectively protected from rain, dirt and leaves thanks to a robust polycarbonate plate.

Awning roof made of polyester with PU coating
with polycarbonate plate as rain and dirt protection
Awning with practical rail system
Stable construction made of powder-coated steel
including magnetic stop

Both the posts and beams are completely UV and weather resistant - perfect for year-round use!
This is what makes the construction:
durable steel construction
Corrosion protected by powder coating
Long-lasting thanks to welded ends of the components
easy storage thanks to 2-part roof beams
quick assembly via screw system
Post thickness: approx. 80 x 80 mm
Beam thickness: 50 x 30 mm
Steel square profile: approx. 1 mm thick
Height: approx. 2.33 m

The sun sail can be easily pulled out using a rail system and locked magnetically.
After closing, an approx. 2.2 mm thick polycarbonate plate ensures a (UV) protected parking position.
Other advantages of polycarbonate sheet:
covers the retracted awning
very impact-resistant, durable & translucent
protects the sail from leaves, rain and dirt
Awning: approx. 180 g/m² strong polyester fabric with PU coating
UV protection: 50+


Floor space 12 m²
Width 3.00 m
length 4.00 m
Ridge height 2.33m
Page height 2.25m
Number of boxes: 1
Total weight: 67.25kg

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