3x3 m soft top garden pavilion, including 4 side panels, taupe

  • €89900

Invite friends and relatives to eat in the garden and enjoy a first-class feel-good atmosphere - the Sunset Premium garden pavilion fulfills exactly this wish. This pavilion is stable, weatherproof - and a real visual highlight. Not least because of the decorative side panels, because they exude one thing above all else: luxurious shine.

A timeless, weatherproof and stable construction – perfect for cozy hours in the garden!
This is what makes the construction:
Resistant thanks to robust aluminum posts and steel roof construction
completely UV, corrosion and weather resistant
quick assembly thanks to the click system
double rail system
Fastening material & tools included
Aluminum square profile: approx. 90x90 mm, approx. 1 mm thick



Stay protected under the pavilion from sun, wind and weather - no problem thanks to this weatherproof roof!
This is what makes the roof special:
100% waterproof thanks to taped seams
Material: approx. 220 g/m² *20 strong polyester fabric with PU coating
UV protection: 50+


100% waterproof roof tarpaulin
Aluminum posts & roof struts
Construction with click system
4 side panels including hooks for hanging
8 concrete anchors
Assembly tool
Assembly instructions


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