2-Story Luxury Rabbit Hutch Wood Pet House Guinea Pig Hamster

  • €10,00000

This practical small animal hutch with 2 floors for small to medium sized breeds, such as rabbits, guinea pigs or hamsters. The two floors are connected with each other via stairs and have openings at the front.

The upper floor offers a comfy sleeping area. The roof can be opened and it is coated with bitumen, keeping the animals dry and safe.

An easy and hygienic cleaning is enabled via a tray located in each of the bottoms of the hutches, which can just be pulled out. The wires of the hutch are galvanised.

Assembling the hutch is easy and does not require any special skills.

Note: Pygmy rabbits, for instance, are highly social animals and should be kept in groups of at least three. This group needs at least 6 square metres of floor space plus a separate sleeping house for each animal. We therefore ask you: We kindly ask you to always inform yourself about the species-appropriate requirements before acquiring the respective animal

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