130W Solar Module with Monocrystalline Cells 18V 1290x675mm

  • €18900

Rising electricity prices, finite resources like mineral oils and fossil fuels and trying to protect the environment are reasons to buy solar modules. The sun provides an infinite source of energy and is other than common means of generating electricity, free of emissions and smell.
To be able to use a photovoltaic system a solar module is nearly always essential, as it turns the solar energy into a direct current.

This 130 watts strong solar module is designed compactly and offers an efficient energy production. It is made of grade A monocrystalline cells, which are embedded into an anodised aluminium frame. Due to their high amount of silicon, the monocrystalline cells have an especially high efficiency and when exposed to direct sunlight they are one of the most effective solar modules. They are ideal for small areas and with an additional positioning towards South they can unfold their entire potential.

The modules can be used for various areas of applications, such as a large-scale plant for feeding electricity into the main supplies or as an autonomous off-grid system. The operating voltage is 18 volts and can be combined with a 12 volt MPPT charge controller.

Not only does this panel offer a sturdy construction, but it is also dust proof and protected against splash water from every angle (IP65). The hardened front glass makes the panel resistant against hail stones (up to 1cm), snow, ice and other environmental influence. On the back of the panel there is an equally as weatherproof connection socket, which is connected to an over 90 cm long cable with an MC4 plug.
Due to its especially sturdy construction and the absence of moving parts, the solar module is especially low in maintenance and longevity.

Maximum power (Pmax): 130 W ± 3 %
Maximal operating voltage (Vmp): 18.49 V
Maximal operating current (Imp): 7.03 A
Off-load voltage (Voc): 22.69 V
Short circuit current (Isc): 7.48 A
Maximal system nominal voltage: 1000 V
Maximal string fuse: 13 A




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