12m Gutter Brush Guard 120 cm Ø 12 cm Foliage Marten Protection 10 pcs

  • €8900

This gutter brush provides a simple but effective solution to protect your gutter.

On the one hand, this kind of protection prevents the rain gutter from being clogged by leaves or needles. The long and sturdy bristles made of plastic prevent the accumulation of leaves and small branches inside the gutter. This in turn makes the rain water drain out without any problems, which eliminates the need for frequent gutter cleaning.

On the other hand, this gutter brush offers a reliable protection against martens. Due to their sensitive paws, these animals avoid the hard bristles. This gutter brush not only protects gutters, but also photovoltaic systems, under which animals such as martens or birds often find shelter.

Insert it into the roof gutter and you are done. Without any fastening and, above all, without expensive craftsman, you will obtain effective and inexpensive protection against leaves, branches, and animals. These roof gutter brushes are especially suitable for semi-circular roof gutters and available in various sizes.

The gutter brushes consist of two galvanised metal wires twisted with each other, which are equipped with polypropylene bristles (PP).

Dimensions: ø 12 cm
Length 1.2 m

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